I’m the kind of guy who had one really good photo taken a few years ago and uses it for everything…

First things first, my name. I should probably start by saying that I’m fairly sure HopScot isn’t a real surname and making your kids first name just the word “The” has got to be child cruelty. My name is actually David Saunders Jr. I use the Jr because if it’s good enough for Iron Man then it’s good enough for a guy with an Iron Leg.

I was born in the idyllic Highlands of Scotland and have lived here my entire life. I grew up in a small village on the shores of Loch Ness. Did the monster take my leg? I can tell you there are many curious tourists who have gone away thinking Nessie had a nibble on me. As well as being born with a beautiful place to call my home I was also born with something called Truncus Arteriosus. No, that is not some kind of banned circus act involving elephants and aerial acrobats, it is in fact a congenital heart defect. BOOM! Heavy hitting stuff from left field.

I also have a missing leg, my right one, amputated just above the knee.
This is the main reason for writing the blog as there needs to be a hook with these things. Though, seeing as they only make them for upper limb amputees, mine will have to be a metaphorical hook. (Oh yes, this is my level of humour, I do apologise). I won’t elaborate on this any more here because then I wouldn’t have anything to put in my blog.

I am quite involved with musical theatre and trust me, an amputee dancing to “9 to 5” is just as funny and uncomfortable as it sounds. The biggest role I have ever played was Tin Man in Wizard of Oz and no, I’m not winding you up, they cast the metal legged man with a dodgy heart as the Tin Man. I also had a fantastic run as Brian in Avenue Q as well as landing the role everyone wants to play, a pantomime villain.

One last thing, just going to make sure you know who the family are, they will feature heavily after all. I have my parents, mum and dad, no they don’t have “real” names, they are mum and dad. My wee (little) sister with whom I grew up, my older sister Jess who I grew up less with, my big bro Tony, who I didn’t grow up very much at all with. And of course my lovely wife Bipana, who I married on the 4th of January last year, she is the one I will grow old with.
Oh, and Kevin…

And that is the bare bones of who I am. If you’ve not already moved over to the blog because you were bored of me talking about myself – well firstly you should know there is a lot more of that to come – then jump on over. And thank you for reading.