Have You Ever? Part 5

Are you looking forward to medical advancements related to lost limbs?
Do they rust, get clicky or squeaky?
Would you consider loading it with gadgets and making some kind of Swiss army leg?

Have You Ever? Part 4

Are there any unexpected benefits to having a prosthetic leg?
When asked how you lost your leg, do you tell the truth or come up with some wild story?
Have you ever smuggled anything in it?

Have You Ever? Part 3

Does the remainder of your amputated leg have any uses?

The remainder of my leg, called the residual limb or “stump” does have a use. My prosthetic leg is attached to a socket which fits onto my stump. There are…

Have You Ever? Part 2

How much time do you spend on crutches? Do you prefer it to being on your leg?
I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned previously somewhere in the blog that over the last few months I’ve had to spend a lot more time on my crutches than usual.
This is because…

Have You Ever? Part 1

Ever use the prosthetic as a beer bong?
One year, a group of us from school were gathered at a friends house to watch The Eurovision Song Contest, an event that had become an annual tradition.
At some point during the evening…