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Hello there and welcome to my blog. I am The HopScot, a proud Scot who tends to hop more than your average person. The reason being that one of my legs decided it wanted independence from the rest of my body.

This is a place where I will share some of my stories, insights and experiences, along with answering any questions (no matter how weird) you may have about living with disability.

If you are new to the blog, allow me to direct you to where it all began, my very first post can be found here.

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PA 14: Bad News Travels Fast?

Saying goodbye to the various nurses, doctors and other hospital staff who had spent the last few months looking after me was actually quite emotional. Perhaps because of the small team that worked in the unit I had been kept in, we had all gotten to know each other very well.

Have You Ever? Part 9

How do I drive with one leg?

Are there any feet with movable toes?

Have I ever taken a drink from my prosthetic leg?

How I Lost My Leg: The Forest Fire

During the summer of my eighteenth year, we were experiencing an uncharacteristically hot spell. A group of us had just left the shop after buying cold drinks and a box of ice lollies. We planned to make our way into the woods to a nearby picnic site. It wasn’t secret per se but it also‚Ķ

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