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Hello there and welcome to my blog. I am The HopScot, a proud Scot who likes to hop everywhere, and surprisingly not just for fun. The main reason is that one of my legs decided it wanted independence from the rest of my body.
So, with it’s title based on a nickname given to me by some sympathetic friends, this is a place where I will share some of my stories, insights, experiences and ever sought after wisdom.

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Have You Ever? Part 5

Are you looking forward to medical advancements related to lost limbs?
Do they rust, get clicky or squeaky?
Would you consider loading it with gadgets and making some kind of Swiss army leg?

15: In The Neck Of Time (Part 1)

You may think the most unpleasant thing I experienced during my hospital recovery was the pain of a cracked open chest, or perhaps the discomfort of the phantom menace.
Maybe it wasn’t something physical, the trauma of waking to find yourself short a limb can be fairly unpleasant.


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