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Hello there and welcome to my blog. I am The HopScot, a proud Scot who likes to hop everywhere, and surprisingly not just for fun. The main reason is that one of my legs decided it wanted independence from the rest of my body.
So, with it’s title based on a nickname given to me by some sympathetic friends, this is a place where I will share some of my stories, insights, experiences and ever sought after wisdom.

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17: In The Neck Of Time (Part 2)

There I lay, my face covered with a large green sheet and warm fluid flowing uncomfortably freely from my neck.
For a brief moment I though to myself, “Oh come on, I’ve just survived a major infection, open heart surgery, a surprise amputation, kidney failure and now a tiny cut in my neck is going to do me in…

16: A Key Moment

After over two months in hospital being pumped full of powerful antibiotics and seeing very little reduction in the severity of my infection, it was becoming depressingly clear that the previously suggested “six weeks” of treatment was going to need to be extended…

Have You Ever? Part 5

Are you looking forward to medical advancements related to lost limbs?
Do they rust, get clicky or squeaky?
Would you consider loading it with gadgets and making some kind of Swiss army leg?

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