PA 1: Gotta Start Somewhere

Lost limbs, broken hearts, and the beginning of something new.

When I was trying to think of what to call the first post on this blog (which has taken far longer than I hope writing the rest of it will), I kept flicking through titles in my head like it was a life or death decision.
What would be an appropriate introduction to my very first post?
I decided to move away from that and try to figure out where to start. Would I go in heavy or would it be a lighthearted opening paragraph.
Eventually after way too long I thought I’ve gotta start somewhere or else I’ll never write anything.
Just like that the title problem was solved, as for how I’m going to open it, well, I wouldn’t call it lighthearted.

Legless in Glasgow

It was the 25th of November 2012, I was lying in bed in Glasgow’s Golden Jubilee hospital, just waking up after a routine operation to replace a damaged conduit near my heart. Nothing unusual about feeling groggy after something like that.
What was unusual was the fact that the operation had taken place on the 20th and I had been in a medically induced coma for five days, that is not a routine part of the surgery. I can’t remember most of what happened that day, I was constantly slipping in and out of consciousness and there were so many doctors, nurses and other hospital staff around me, as well as Mum and Dad. I do remember being given two pieces of information, both of which would completely change my life.
Firstly, that my sister, who had been heavily pregnant when I went down for surgery, had given birth to a little girl that very morning. I had a baby niece, Charlie-Isla.
The second, that there had been complications during my heart surgery, leading to the surgeon uttering, “I’m sorry Mr Saunders, we have had to amputate your right leg above the knee”.

Now I know what your thinking, “Come on man, your blog is called The HopScot, I thought this was going to be funny”. Well, it will be, and it won’t be, I’m blogging about experiences in my life and life is always a mix of tragedy and comedy.

Recovering from an amputation and heart surgery or not, gotta keep that hair on point. Solero not hospital approved.

So, I’m lying there in bed, having just been given this earth shattering news and everyone is waiting to see what my reaction would be.
The thing that nobody took into consideration was the fact that I was doped up to my eyeballs on painkillers so my only reaction was “oh, okay” and then falling back asleep. Thinking back, I’m glad I didn’t take it in properly that time, I was barely able to move for all the tubes and wires, I was in a very vulnerable position and if I had panicked god knows how that would have turned out.
As it goes, I lay there for a few days, just thinking it over. I wasn’t able to sit up enough to even see where my leg would have been and with the painkillers it was easy to forget about it being gone when I needed to relax.
It was during this time to mull it over that slowly, deep in my mind, the very first leg joke started to form.
Like a predator waiting for the perfect moment to pounce, I lay in that hospital bed, biding my time until the ideal prey walked in. And then, after a few nights (I couldn’t say exactly how many as all the days were a mush back then), she walked into my room. A nurse I had seen walking around the ICU, dropping in to make sure the drips were dripping and the machines were beeping. She was middle aged and I remember she had such a friendly happy face. She stepped up to the side of my bed and smiled, “How are you feeling dear?” And this was it, my moment, like a pouncing lion I struck.
“I think someone’s slipping vodka into my feeding tube, I’m feeling a bit legless here”.

I did not realise what a rabbit hole I was falling down by making that first joke. I have to say though, my closest friends tend to be the ones who pull out the harshest jokes, and I love it. There have been a few occasions where people have gotten offended on my behalf, I appreciate their protectiveness but have told them not to worry about it. Sometimes they even join in after a while.

Up to Speed

This may be a good point in the post to point out that this blog is not going to be completely linear. I will be talking about different parts of my experience with the amputation, recovery and beyond in each post. Still, I will try to give the whole story, just a bit mismatched, if you’ve ever watched “The Witcher” then kind of like that.

What’s This All About

I’ve started this blog to share what has happened to me in the past, what is happening to me right now and hopefully to interest people with my outlook on everything. There is no doubt that what has happened in terms of my health has been awful, but so many great things have happened as well. I have always tried to keep a positive attitude towards everything, laughter might not be the best medicine for an amputated leg but it does wonders for your mind. I will keep this blog up, adding as often as I can but I can’t promise that every post will look like this one. I’m just feeling my way with this at the minute.
Also, life changes so much around us that something I write about one day might be completely overshadowed by something new by the time I come to write the next post.
I just hope that if this has interested you I can keep you that way.
Any comments or ideas for anything you might like to hear more about are very welcome.

The Wisdom

  • Always find the joke. Your situation may feel hopeless and you might think you never want to laugh again, but even in the tragic moments life is full of comedy and there is always a joke to be made. Someone is going to make it eventually so don’t let them beat you to the punch.

“Comedy is tragedy plus time”.

Mark Twain or Steve Allen, the internet is a bit fuzzy on that one.

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22 thoughts on “PA 1: Gotta Start Somewhere

  1. I saw that TV show that you were on years ago, something about NHS not covering certain health facilities? Anyway, I remember that you wanted a bionic leg🦵 So my question is: Did you eventually get one? Does it actually work better for you? And would there be significant downsides to it compared to your non-bionic prostheses? Also, and perhaps most importantly, does it make like a cool bionic sounds like robo cop?

    1. Wow that was some time ago that show.
      To briefly answer your questions;

      I do have a microprocessor (bionic sounds cooler but isn’t “technically” right apparently) leg now. It isn’t the one we were talking about on the show and doesn’t have all the features of that one but it is still a very good leg and does me well enough for now.

      There are some things I still need to use my non-microprocessor leg for.
      Mostly sport, dancing and anything near water as my main leg isn’t waterproof. The more advanced legs are able to do most of these things so I wouldn’t need to change all the time.

      I agree, that is certainly the most important of your questions.
      Unfortunately, though it does make some buzzing noises they are very quiet and not nearly as cool sounding as Robocop. I might strap a small speaker to the side of it and play the sound effects from my phone.

      Great to hear from you again Sanne. Thank you for asking and I hope you enjoyed the post. The next one will be coming in a couple of days. 😁

  2. I think a loudspeaker would be a good alternative. Beats having to make the noises yourself (which I definitely would do)😅

    Sorry I couldn’t make your wedding party! Though live on the same island now, Liverpool is still a long way from Fort Augustus (especially since I don’t have a car). I was in Kingussie last winter, but didn’t really have time to stop by and say hi then either. But I will stop by next time. From what I gather, many of the exchange group are still around those parts. Also, I’d love to meet your wife!!

    In the mean time, I will follow your blog. I’ve already signed up for email reminders.
    It’s a great distraction during Covid, you even managed to get a few laughs out of me 😁

    1. Well, I’m not saying I’ve NEVER made the noises myself. 😁

      That’s great, most of my family live around Liverpool… so I usually try to avoid it.
      Nah I’m down there every so often so I’ll be sure to give you a shout next time.
      Yeah, a few of us are still around here. It would be great to have you again and I’d love to introduce your to Bipa.

      Thank you, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it and I really appreciate you signing up. I’m glad I can give people a few laughs, especially during these times.

  3. Awww David. One of my first real memories was a youth club fusion in Drum where you took your leg off and left it lying at the side to freak out some of the others.
    You are such an inspiration and the whole gang of you, Emily and Brodie included, have major parts some of my earliest and scariest youth work memories.
    Keep writing, inspiring and sharing your experiences.

    1. I remember doing that so well. Hiding my leg for the others to find and then watching them sneakily from around the corner. 😁
      They were some great days and I’m glad you remember them as fondly as I do. Even if we did freak you out a few times.

      Thank you so much.

  4. I remember that poor nurse, you could of picked on any of the others {all up for a laugh} but no, it had to be that one….. You make me proud my child…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. I’m embarking on the journey of reading your blog from the beginning, and i love it already! I was in a medically induced coma for 4 days in 2018, I remember waking up to one of my sisters standing by my bedside (who only pops up when it suits her, if you get what i mean) and thought to myself, “What the fuck are you doing here?” – Still makes me chuckle to this day, I may have been doped u p on medication but I still knew who I hated seconds after waking up haha!!
    Blimey, Tamagotchi’s… that takes me back, I never had one myself but always used to sneak a little playtime when my sisters weren’t looking.
    I agree that laughter does help the mind when all seems hopeless, I am very sarcastic most days but admittedly, it is a struggle on the really tough days.
    I love your little nuggets of wisdom too!
    Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    1. Hi Ami,

      Can I start off by saying I am very sorry that I haven’t replied until now. I have spent the last couple of weeks up and down to hospital getting a new leg fitted and haven’t spent much time online. I must have missed the notification for your comment.

      I am really happy to hear you’re enjoying reading through it and I hope it holds your attention throughout. I am always thrilled to see people commenting on how they feel about my posts.

      That is amazing, I know what it is like waking up from something like that but good you could remember the important things. Haha.

      I know they are a real throwback. A few months after this post it started to glitch out very creepily and after trying to reset it with little success we had to remove the battery.

      I think that’s the way to be, humour and sarcasm are great tools but some days they just aren’t what’s needed.

      Thank you very much, I really appreciate the comment and look forward to hearing any thoughts you have on other posts.

    1. That is really great to hear thank you so much. 😁😁

      Haha, well I believe it was actually a Japanese thing originally. They’re basically a digital pet, you’ve got to feed it, play with it, etc.

      Very childish and exactly the kind of thing I like to spend my free time on. 😂😂

  6. I came across one of your posts on Reddit and it led me to your blog and your personal story. Dude…with all that you’ve been through and to have the attitude and the positivity that you do, I think it’s very admirable!!
    I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your journey!!

    1. Thank you so much for saying that, it’s an incredibly nice comment to leave.

      I have to give credit where it is due and my attitude towards everything is in a large part down to the people I had and still have around to support me through it all. Without them it would probably have been a different story.

      I really hope that you enjoy the rest of what you find on the blog and again, thank you for the kind comment.

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