Some Good News.

For me the year now behind us was a challenging one, in fact it’s right up there as one of my most difficult.

2021 was dominated by the stress of being apart from my wife for 14 months. So, with that in mind, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to kick off the new year on this blog by sharing some extremely good news…

She is finally back!

Reunited at last.

It’s not been something that I’ve written about extensively on here but in October of 2020 I shared a post indicating that it had been necessary for her to return to Nepal while we organised her visa.

Many factors, Covid not being the least, led to this taking far longer than we had hoped and instead of the originally envisioned six months, the whole process ended up taking well over a year.

I am certain that I don’t need to wax on about how unpleasant it was for us to be apart for that long, I expect most of you will understand it wasn’t exactly a fun time.

However, that is all behind us now…

In early December 2021 Bipa was finally able to return to the UK and we have been allowed to properly plan our future life together.

This last month has been, to put it as Shakespeare might, just Totally Awesome.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with plenty of joy and reasons to be thankful through the festive season.

Happy New year, here’s hoping that 2022 is far less interesting than 20/21.

Stay safe folks and be excellent to each other.

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6 thoughts on “Some Good News.

  1. Been a hard pull on this part of the climb to the cairn, eh son?
    Take time for an easy amble along a soft shoulder before looking up again.
    Love you, Dad X

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