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PA 14: Bad News Travels Fast?

Saying goodbye to the various nurses, doctors and other hospital staff who had spent the last few months looking after me was actually quite emotional. Perhaps because of the small team that worked in the unit I had been kept in, we had all gotten to know each other very well.

How I Lost My Leg: The Forest Fire

During the summer of my eighteenth year, we were experiencing an uncharacteristically hot spell. A group of us had just left the shop after buying cold drinks and a box of ice lollies. We planned to make our way into the woods to a nearby picnic site. It wasn’t secret per se but it also…

Three Years Of Being The HopScot

Back in 2020 when my first post was published, I thought that I would be able to keep this up for probably around six months, maybe a year at a push. As this post proves however, The HopScot is still very much around and I like to think that in the last three years it…

Suns Out, Stumps Out!

In heat like this, it becomes a struggle to stay comfortable wearing the prostheses, especially considering that this kind of weather encourages people to be more active and spend time outside.

BA 13: A Stunning Weekend

I was heading to London to take part in an event hosted by the British Heart Foundation. The Weekend Stunner. It was a three day residential event that would allow us to take part in activities and…

Have You Ever? Part 8

Has the whole experience left me with a stronger “mind over matter” attitude?

Do people who have prosthetic limbs still wear knee or elbow pads?

Have I ever managed to successfully disguise myself as a lamp?

PA 13: What Happens Next?

I was starting to feel a whole lot more human again and although I was still being monitored for several things (I can’t remember what they were and am not absolutely sure I knew even back then), my doctors were very happy with the progress that was being made…

BA 12: What We Did In The Shadows

I walked into the ward they had assigned me for my first day and stuck my head into the office, asking if anyone knew the whereabouts of the doctor I was due to be shadowing. A nurse led me quickly to a room near the far end of the ward.

The doctor looked like…

How I Lost My Leg: The Cabin in the Woods

I spent a good deal of my childhood wandering around the forests that surrounded my home in the Highlands of Scotland. Every weekend I would grab an old video camera and head out into the wilderness with a group of school friends where we could make short films about whatever was on our minds that…

PA 12: All Eyes On Me

One thing I was allowed to do now that I was making progress in my recovery, was go out into the real world. That didn’t mean a quick breath of cold air by the doorway of the hotel or a roll around the hospital grounds but actually out into the city…

Have You Ever? Upper Limb Edition

Over the course of writing these posts I have been asked a number of questions about being an upper limb amputee.

I decided to pose the questions to an amputee group over on Reddit and was delighted to have not one but two people get in touch…

BA 11: From A Certain Point Of View

Back home meant back to school, even whilst continuing the powerful drug therapy that was fighting to stop an aggressive bacterial infection slowly eating away at my heart. (Can you tell I enjoy a bit of drama?)…

Have You Ever? Part 7

How do you maintain and keep them (prostheses) clean? Has having one leg provided an opportunity that otherwise would not have come about? Do you name your legs?

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