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17: In The Neck Of Time (Part 2)

There I lay, my face covered with a large green sheet and warm fluid flowing uncomfortably freely from my neck.
For a brief moment I though to myself, “Oh come on, I’ve just survived a major infection, open heart surgery, a surprise amputation, kidney failure and now a tiny cut in my neck is going to do me in…

16: A Key Moment

After over two months in hospital being pumped full of powerful antibiotics and seeing very little reduction in the severity of my infection, it was becoming depressingly clear that the previously suggested “six weeks” of treatment was going to need to be extended…

Have You Ever? Part 5

Are you looking forward to medical advancements related to lost limbs?
Do they rust, get clicky or squeaky?
Would you consider loading it with gadgets and making some kind of Swiss army leg?

15: In The Neck Of Time (Part 1)

You may think the most unpleasant thing I experienced during my hospital recovery was the pain of a cracked open chest, or perhaps the discomfort of the phantom menace.
Maybe it wasn’t something physical, the trauma of waking to find yourself short a limb can be fairly unpleasant.


A Year Of Being The HopScot

I love writing these posts but more so than that, I love the interactions that have come from sharing them online. The connections I have made with such a wide range of different people over this last year go far beyond…

7 Things I Didn’t Have To Think About Before I Became An Amputee

Many of you reading this will know that I wasn’t always an amputee and if you didn’t know, well now you do.
In fact, for seventeen years, three months and nine days (not that I’ve ever counted it), I was a perfectly healthy biped with nothing more to worry about than a scraped knee, a congenital heart condition and the occasional winter cold…

14: With a Little Help from my Friends.

A couple of weeks into my daily routine of waking up, antibiotics, watching Frasier, more antibiotics, going to the hospital café for a dream ring (best part of the day), antibiotics, playing Minecraft, antibiotics for supper and then sleeping, my mum got a phone call from my head teacher…

7 Things We Wish People Knew About Life With A Heart Condition.

I am part of a group set up by the British Heart Foundation and a couple of weeks ago I posed the question;
What, as young adults, would we like others to understand about living with a heart condition?
There were a number of interesting and varied responses…

13: Rolling Along

I wasn’t aware until several weeks after waking up that during my long nap in the intensive care unit, an epic battle of wills had taken place over my unconscious body…

Have You Ever? Part 4

Are there any unexpected benefits to having a prosthetic leg?
When asked how you lost your leg, do you tell the truth or come up with some wild story?
Have you ever smuggled anything in it?

12: A Reason To Wake

I was a sixteen year old, only half a year out of his latest major open heart surgery and looking forward to getting rid of this infection in order take full advantage of the repairs and tweaks done to my heart. So six weeks in hospital was not just a slap in the face, it was a gut punch which totally winded me…

11: The Phantom Menace

I had been asked while in the ICU if I was experiencing any pain where my leg had been. To my shame I had never heard of this side effect of amputation and so, though it was a very strange thing to ask. I shrugged off the suggestion and said that I couldn’t feel a thing but then again, with all the drugs that were being pumped into me I couldn’t feel much of anything…

Adios 2020!

Well, this last year is going to be one for the history books. Preferably the first books to be burned when Brexit turns us into a Ray Bradbury style dystopia. I could ponder the fact that I’ve never experienced anything like this year but given that I’m only 25, that isn’t a huge amount ofContinue reading “Adios 2020!”

Have You Ever? Part 3

Does the remainder of your amputated leg have any uses?

The remainder of my leg, called the residual limb or “stump” does have a use. My prosthetic leg is attached to a socket which fits onto my stump. There are…