British Heart Foundation: The Ticker Tapes Podcast

A couple of months ago I was asked by the British Heart Foundation to have a chat about some of my story in an episode of their podcast series “The Ticker Tapes”.

7: A Room Near The Door

Being in intensive care is not what you might call a fun experience. High emotion and worry oozes from the walls and you can see the stress on the face of every nurse, doctor and family member who walks through the heavy white doors.
Following previous procedures I had been quickly moved from the ICU, leaving me not much time to…

Ticking Along Nicely: British Heart Foundation Events for Young(er) People

Did you know that medical research isn’t the only service that the BHF provides to help people with heart conditions? They also organise, host and fund events that allow young people with our conditions to come together from all over the country. Offering the opportunity to…

2: The Heart of the Matter

Raging rapids, heart tugging revelations, hollow legs and cross species karaoke.
It was when I was fifteen that I finally realised my condition wasn’t going to be just a minor annoyance in the background of my life.
My health had gradually been declining and after a visit to the hospital they realised…