How I Lost My Leg: The Forest Fire

During the summer of my eighteenth year, we were experiencing an uncharacteristically hot spell. A group of us had just left the shop after buying cold drinks and a box of ice lollies. We planned to make our way into the woods to a nearby picnic site. It wasn’t secret per se but it also wasn’t obviously marked in any way so you could usually guarantee it wouldn’t be full.

As we trekked through the woods a groaning sound suddenly erupted from the back of the group…

Three Years Of Being The HopScot

Back in 2020 when my first post was published, I thought that I would be able to keep this up for probably around six months, maybe a year at a push. As this post proves however, The HopScot is still very much around and I like to think that in the last three years it has evolved beyond its original purpose…

7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being An Amputee

What’s happening to all my door frames? Do I need to start wearing different underwear?

Once I was let out into the big wide world it became clear that there were a number of unexpected (and often ridiculously simple) issues that I would now be needing to consider.

How I Lost My Leg: The Cabin in the Woods

I spent a good deal of my childhood wandering around the forests that surrounded my home in the Highlands of Scotland. Every weekend I would grab an old video camera and head out into the wilderness with a group of school friends where we could make short films about whatever was on our minds that day…

A Decade of Hoppiness

Last Sunday, the 20th of November 2022, was the ten year anniversary of my amputation. Although, if I’m being honest, I was asleep for five days after it happened, which means I haven’t technically lived with being an amputee for ten years until the 25th. So, you know, I guess you can put the title of this post down as being “Clickbait”.

Hobbies of an Amputee: The Stage and The Stump

The inspiration behind writing this post does not come from wanting anybody to feel sorry for me, or to receive any compliments. It’s about trying to give an indication of the choices that people in my situation need to make when it comes to pursuing the things they enjoy…

British Heart Foundation: The Ticker Tapes Podcast

A couple of months ago I was asked by the British Heart Foundation to have a chat about some of my story in an episode of their podcast series “The Ticker Tapes”.