A Year Of Being The HopScot

Life Do Be Getting In The Way Sometimes.

I had intended to write a long and in depth review of the last year and my venture into blogging.
Reverting back to my school years by writing something in a mad panic and turning it in at the last minute was not the plan.

There have, however, been certain things thrown up over the past few months (and especially in recent weeks) which have impacted my writing.

Perhaps most notably is the fact that me and my wife are currently preparing to apply for her visa, which will hopefully allow us to be reunited soon, after nine months apart.

My blogging has taken the biggest hit as not only have I struggled to find time but also the energy and will to sit down and write.

It’s Not All Doom And Gloom.

That isn’t to say we aren’t hopeful for the success of the application. It’s just a long and tiring process, protracted by lockdowns on both sides of the world.

We shall not be shaken though. As the saying goes, if you’ll indulge me a little cheesiness, “if it’s worth having, it’s worth fighting for”.

But What About The Blog?

I do worry that, with all the breaks I have taken, some spanning several months, people will begin to think I’m losing interest in the blog.

I love writing these posts but more so than that, I love the interactions that have come from sharing them online. The connections I have made with such a wide range of different people over this last year go far beyond what I ever expected.

To be honest, I thought my family and (if I really pushed them) my friends would be the only people to read my ramblings.
It never occurred to me a year ago that I might be seeing viewing numbers cropping up everywhere from China, to South Africa, to Canada and a great many places in between.

I have had chances to write for other bloggers (please do check them out as they have pretty awesome content).
I’ve had kind, helpful and down right hilarious comments left by people on the opposite sides of the world and I’ve been introduced to a community of people who above all else want to share stories that inspire, intrigue and (in my opinion most importantly) make people laugh.

The Stats

It wouldn’t be a proper yearly review without numbers and lists.

Most Viewed Posts:

  1. Why I Haven’t Posted In So Long.
  2. Gotta Start Somewhere.
  3. When Might It Be Appropriate To Start Calling Him Hoppy?
  4. The Heart Of The Matter.
  5. 7 Things We Wish People Knew About Life With A Heart Condition.

Countries With Highest Viewing Figures:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States of America
  3. Nepal (special thank you to all my family and friends over there)
  4. Germany
  5. Canada

Blog Numbers:

Posts: 27 (including this one)

Comments: 101

Blog Followers: 165 (wow)

Total Views: 9261 (also WOW but bigger and in bold)

What A Year

It would be ridiculous to write a post about the last year and not mention the obvious so with that in mind I would just like to say that the ending of season two of The Mandalorian was, in my personal opinion, one of the greatest moments in television history.

Thank You

…to all the people who encouraged me to begin and continue running this blog.

To my Dad, for all of the proof reading and “constructive criticism” which has never once caused even a hint of friction.

To my Mum, for picking up on all the spelling mistakes that Dad and me missed in our lack of friction.

To Millie, my little sister, whose willingness to tell me when I’m talking rubbish makes her compliments all the more reliable.

To my friend Sanne, who has no qualms about sending me screen shots of spelling errors the rest of us managed to miss.

To my lovely wife, who inspires me in so many ways and whose constant support and interest in reading what I write would be enough by itself to keep me doing this.

And finally, to everyone who has read, liked, commented on and supported this blog over the last year, even despite the long absences.

Here is to the next year and many more beyond.

You’re all awesome folks.
Stay safe and be excellent to each other.

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9 thoughts on “A Year Of Being The HopScot

    1. I’m glad you’re still keeping up with the blog despite my absences. I really do appreciate that.

      I’ve been checking out your own work, love what you’re doing over there. The post about Phantom Pain was quite an eye opener even for me as I experience it very differently.

      Yeah man! Can’t wait to hop across the pond.

      Hope you’re doing well and look forward to reading more of your stuff. 🤘

  1. I’m still working my way through your posts, but saw this one and wanted to congratulate on your first year of blogging! Don’t ever feel bad for not posting often, it’s your blog, you do you! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. It feels like quite a milestone although I can’t believe it has been a year.

      Thank you for all the support you’ve shown my blog and I’ll try not to feel too bad. Although I think three months is pushing my luck a bit. 😁😁

      1. Always 💚 when I took about 4 months off last year, I realised you learn who your genuine readers are. If people sit there waiting for a blog post to arrive in their inbox then they need to find something else to do in the meantime!

      2. It has been lovely seeing people coming back time and time again, no matter how long I take brakes for.

        Hopefully I won’t be needing too many triumphant returns though. 🤣

  2. wow this is so amazing! catching up on your blog and loving it! giving me some much-needed laughs.
    pretty sure people around me (my sis and sometimes mom) would be wondering why am I laughing to myself. 🙂 haha.

    1. Oh you’ve no idea how much it’s cheering me up to hear that you’re laughing so much. These are the kind of comments that inspire me to keep up the writing even when I’m struggling with it so thank you very much.

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