Adios 2020!

Well, this last year is going to be one for the history books. Preferably the first books to be burned when Brexit turns us into a Ray Bradbury style dystopia.

I could ponder the fact that I’ve never experienced anything like this year but given that I’m only 25, that isn’t a huge amount of time to pull experience from.
So, I’ll say that my father, who was recently struck by the bullet of receiving a gift from the local senior citizens fund, has commented a number of times that he has never lived through anything like what is going on at the minute.

Hopefully, in years to come, I’ll be able to say to my children something like “You think you feel trapped because I won’t let you log into a VR party with your friends? You don’t know the meaning of being trapped!” Then proceed to give them a five hour lecture on how by the end of 2020 we were all living in fear of the roaming COVID Zombie hordes and when they come back from school to tell me their teachers said that wasn’t what happened I can be like “how would they know, they’re just kids themselves. They weren’t there!”

Anyhoo, I digress slightly.

There is no doubt that in recent times, this has been the hardest year the world has collectively lived through. I have however, seen a number of people who are posting about the positive thing that happened this year.
I will join them by giving you my top 6 positive 2020… things.

6. I found and revived my Tamagotchi. He was called Argo and stayed with us for a number of months before he glitched out and started displaying horrifying, half formed images which ended in a mercy killing.

5. We all discovered new ways to communicate, for myself, these took the forms of Zoom and Xbox live. Through these platforms, I have both stayed connected with old friends and made some new ones.

4. I got a small job on a new show (can’t say yet) and also appeared very briefly in the background of “The Crown”.

3. I started writing this blog (which if you’re reading this here you already know 😉) which, with everything going on, gave me something positive to focus on. It has been a bonus that so many people have reacted so positively and supported my writing. Keep tuned for more coming soon in 2021.

2. My family (although not for reasons we may have been happy about) ended up locked in the same house for a considerable amount of time. Which meant that, despite the very small amount of stress that comes from five adults living in the same house, we all got to spend a lot of good times together and properly initiate the newest member into the Saunders crew. Which brings me to…

1. I got married! Which obviously had to be number one on the list, I’d be in trouble if not. 😉
Although we couldn’t have predicted what this year would bring, we started it off in the best way possible. Our wedding was not only the best day of my life, but also a true example of family and friends all pulling together to make something incredible happen (especially considering the amount of notice we gave people). It was an amazing day shared with wonderful people and although the year that has followed may not have been the most wonderful, for us, it has kicked off a most wonderful life.

Here is to 2021!
Let’s hope that before too long, old viruses may be forgot and never again brought to mind.

Sláinte Mhath!

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3 thoughts on “Adios 2020!

  1. Great attitude. My wife and I are also of a positive nature for this new year. How can it possibly be any worse? Lol.

    1. Thank you and I’m glad to hear you’re both thinking the same. Best to keep looking forwards and hope that the worst is behind us.

      Although “how can it possibly be any worse” sounds like one of those things said in a movie right before it all goes wrong. 😁

      Stay safe.

  2. Congratulations on getting married and on landing a job in a show! Those are some very impressive achievements. I hope you had a lovely honeymoon. You should dedicate at least a blog post to expanding upon each of the 6 things listed in this article. I bet there are some cool stories to be told about each of them.

    This whole pandemic thing was so unexpected. I was pretty disappointed by how unprepared the entire world seemed to deal with something like this. Modern medicine is still quite limited.

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